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Taking on 💪 patriarchy, a rare disease, social responsibility (with a side order of Popeye’s Chicken) to become one of Portland’s most up and coming 🎵 musicians to know – an interview with Erin Adkisson

She’s been compared to Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos, but comparisons fall short when describing Erin Adkisson’s voice. Yes, vocals are instruments unto themselves. And, yes, hers are genuine and gripping, sensual and powerful… but Adkisson has the extraordinary ability of turning hers into a completely unique instrument, with beats and rhythms that […] Read more.

An Interview with Portland Artist Joshua Flint

Joshua Flint’s work is based on images gathered from many sources, such as digitized museum archives, vintage shops, and social media platforms. His oil paintings elegantly blend nostalgia with the modern-day, crisp lines and blurred brushstrokes working together to create suggested narratives of intersecting lives. Using these sources for his paintings allows a certain distance […] Read more.

An Oregon indie band in my head

Through the historic Oregon fires, sweltering temperatures and the pandemic – in an area known for its folk rock and bluegrass – the Ashland band, Slow Corpse, has managed to produce indie music that can and should be front and center on anyone’s playlist if a unique blend of indie mixed with a little R&B […] Read more.

A Bridge and its Park

The St. Johns Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in Portland, but the area below it has its own history. It was home to Native American tribal grounds and a Lewis and Clark landing site before it became Cathedral Park. For decades, it housed junkyards and factories. But “honorary mayor” Howard Galbraith and […] Read more.