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An Oregon indie band in my head

Through the historic Oregon fires, sweltering temperatures and the pandemic – in an area known for its folk rock and bluegrass – the Ashland band, Slow Corpse, has managed to produce indie music that can and should be front and center on anyone’s playlist if a unique blend of indie mixed with a little R&B […] Read more.

A Bridge and its Park

The St. Johns Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in Portland, but the area below it has its own history. It was home to Native American tribal grounds and a Lewis and Clark landing site before it became Cathedral Park. For decades, it housed junkyards and factories. But “honorary mayor” Howard Galbraith and […] Read more.

Facts About Ducks (real and rubbery 🐤) in Portland

We have some answers to those ever important questions: What do you do when you spot a duck leading a string of ducklings across a busy road? Can rubber ducks actually help the environment? How far can a rubber duck travel in the ocean? Who was Moby-Duck? What’s the difference between a dabbler and a […] Read more.

Crash and Burn: a journey from our sun

Sheryl Crow isn’t from Portland. Nor is her song “Crash and Burn” about Portland. It’s about leaving Portland, in fact. But we just think it’s a metaphor about leaving somewhere else to go to L.A., but she started the song’s journey in Portland because, after all, we do have the best sunrises and sunsets. It’s […] Read more.

Finding Love at Oaks Park

So where to find love in Portland? Start with a perfect date! Oaks Amusement Park in Sellwood has hosted everything from roller derby events to competitive beer miles to holiday festivals. Along the way, the 114-year-old park has helped more than a few Portlanders find love. Why? Their new showstopper is the over-the-top thrill ride […] Read more.

Did you know this secret about the Pearl Neighborhood?

The Neighborhood: The Pearl District The Place: In the early ‘90s, the Pearl District (then known as the River District) was a sparsely populated neighborhood “as rugged as any in the Pacific Northwest.” But why is it called the Pearl? What’s the real secret behind the name? It’s been quoted many places that a gallery […] Read more.