A Fun Guide 🥳 to Making New Friends in Portland. Let’s Go! 💪

Whether you’re new to town, or you’ve been pandemic-bound, Portland is still thriving. It continues to have everything anyone could ever want (minus a few extra sunny days or a good game of horseball). But where to start? We have ten, very welcoming groups (in small and large numbers) that will offer you a good place to meet, greet and mix it up – no matter your age, size, or experience.

  1. Bergies Do It Together
    Events Like
    Movie Nights!
    The purpose of Bergfreunde-Mountain Friends is to promote skiing and other recreational activities designed to increase the enjoyment of sports by its active members. True to that vision, Bergfreunde has evolved, since its inception in 1966, into a multi-activity club, offering a comprehensive variety of year-round activities for the enjoyment of our members within a safe and socially congenial environment. A great way to explore all the Pacific Northwest has to offer, with a fun, friendly and active group.
    610 members · Public
  2. NW Steelhead & Salmon Fishing Group
    Events Like
    Western Rivers Presentation – John Day River & Other Oregon rivers
    Steelhead Fishing Clinic
    This is a group of anglers with a passion for sport fishing as well as conservation to ensure Portland has the best fishing available. This meetup includes fishing trips, training seminars, volunteer activities, meetings of the Association of NW Steelheaders, and more. Happy Fishing.
    1448 members · Public
  3. PDX Lesbian Rock Climbers
    Events Like
    Climbing at Portland Rock Gym
    A space for lesbian climbers to get together, push each other at the gym and crag, build community and enjoy the sport and the great outdoors 🙂 Open to any lesbian women. Please respect the boundaries of this group and only participate if you are a lesbian female.
    11 members · Private
  4. Portland Cornhole Meetup Group
    Events Like
    Tuesday Night Cornhole
    We are a group of people who love playing cornhole, whether you already know how to play or you would like to try it out.
    66 members · Public
  5. Portland-Vancouver Jugger League
    Events Like
    Jugger Practice
    Jugger is a mix of fencing, rugby, and the pugil sticks from American Gladiator. It’s a gender-inclusive sport played all over the world. If you’re looking to try a new, fun way to keep active, come this might just be for you. (Here’s a video)
    50 members · Public
  6. Great NW Pheasants / Quail Forever
    Events Like
    Trap Shooting and Dog Training
    Pheasants Forever is a grassroots, volunteer, membership-based organization. Members are a diverse group of hunters, farmers, ranchers, landowners, conservation enthusiasts, and wildlife officials. The common thread is all want to make a difference for wildlife by conserving or creating habitat. Anyone who loves dogs, wildlife, hiking, hunting, conservation, cooking, shotgun shooting sports or just getting outside will immediately fall in love with our group and organization!
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  7. Second Chance Cheerleading!
    Events Like
    Virtual Team Meeting and Introductions
    Wish you had cheered in school, or did you cheer and want to again? Any skill level, any age, any body type, any gender, all are welcome! You just have to be enthusiastic about Cheer. There are no try-outs. Work out together and practice sidelines and drills once a week. Join (covid safe) social events. Volunteer as a team in the community. This is about exercise and friendship.
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  8. Portland Tech Professionals Club (20’s & 30’s)
    Events Like
    Talk Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies over drinks
    Portland Techies Game Night – Fun Board games
    This group provides networking and learning opportunities for Tech Professionals in and around Portland, looking to build connections, have fun and learn a few things. Engage in year-round activities that foster technology, diversity, empowerment, and entrepreneurship to be inspired and educated, share amazing opportunities, collaborate, launch and learn about new tech and product ventures, form partnerships and grow businesses. Members include professionals such as software engineers, data scientists, security professionals, developers, project/program managers, technology leaders, and entrepreneurs, etc.
    204 members · Private
  9. Portland EBoarding Crew
    Events Like
    Friday Night Group Ride at OMSI
    Do you own an Electric Skateboard/Longboard? Do you ride an Electric Scooter, One Wheel or Gotway? If you don’t, this group sometimes has extra boards available and will have sessions for both beginners and advanced riders. All personal Electric Vehicles are welcome. This is the place if you’d like to participate in a group ride and explore the Portland metro area.
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  10. 😁Friends, Food, Fun🤗 (& don’t forget wine🍷)
    Events Like
    Diva Drag Brunch. Cheers!
    Escape Room PDX – Amnesia.
    Mexican World Culture Foodie Party.
    This MeetUp is dedicated to being safe and having fun for everyone.  And here’s to having good times with great friends!
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Do you have some groups you’d like us to mention? Drop us a line.!

Photo credit: Anusha Barwa