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Bridgeliner Fitness Guide — How to Get in Shape in Portland

Whether you’re looking to sculpt your beach bod, train for a race, or find a workout group to hold you accountable, our fitness guide has you covered. Get the scoop on some of Portland’s most beloved local yoga studios, fitness groups, team sports and hiking trails — and thank contributor Sarah Scrivens for all the […]

Health + Fitness / June 8, 2021

Portland community fitness and running clubs

Run Together in Portland – or Join Up for Circuit Workouts

(📸: Sarah Scrivens/Bridgeliner) Where can I join other runners in Portland? Where can I go for group circuit training in Portland? 2 questions you might be asking yourself! If you need some extra accountability to stick to your fitness goals, try working out with the November Project, Portland Running Company, or Steelhead Coaching. Got another […]

Health + Fitness / June 8, 2021

Best pick up games in Portland

Best Pick Up Sports Games in Portland – Dodgeball & more!

(📸: Sarah Scrivens/Bridgeliner) It’s never too late to join a pick up game of dodgeball — or dragon boat racing, futsal, rowing, or roller derby. Check out these rec sports leagues and clubs around town, and let us know if there’s a great one we need to add. 1. UNDERDOG PORTLAND (@underdogportland) Multiple locations WHY IT’S AWESOME: If you’re missing […]

Health + Fitness / June 8, 2021

Portland’s Urban Escapes—Where to Go Hiking in the City

Don’t have time to make it out to the Gorge or the Oregon Coast? Here are four urban hiking spots that’ll have you in and out in just a few hours. 1. RIDGE TRAIL (Forest Park) WHY IT’S AWESOME: One word: Proximity. Park near the west end of the St. John’s Bridge and make your […]

Health + Fitness / June 8, 2021

Best Yoga in Portland

Best Yoga in Portland

Katie DiPasquale’s Power Yoga Sculpt class is one of the challenging full-body workouts at Firelight Yoga. (📸: Sarah Scrivens/Bridgeliner) Where is the best place to take yoga in Portland? 1.) Firelight Yoga What you need to know Perfect for true yoga fanatics Virtual and in-studio classes Heating and unheated rooms Hot Power Vinyasa is a […]

Health + Fitness / June 7, 2021

Here Are Your Portland Love Stories

🎨: Haley Weaver How have you found love here in Portland? We asked our readers that question to kick off this month’s Real Talk series on finding romance in our city. Here are a few of our favorite responses: “I met my boyfriend on Grindr on July 4, 2015. We’re getting married this year on July […]

Relationships / February 27, 2021

How to Find Love in Portland, Without an App

It might seem like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are the only ways to find a date in these modern times, but believe it or not, there are still other paths to discover love in our city. Here are a few strategies that our research — and our readers — suggest are worth a try. 1. […]

Relationships / February 19, 2021

Pearl District Photo for Bridgeliner

What’s next for Bridgeliner — and how you can get involved

It’s been two years since we at WhereBy.Us launched Bridgeliner with a mission to bring a more personal, accessible, authentic kind of local journalism to Portland. That’s our mission, too, and we’ve been delighted to have Bridgeliner as part of our network, with the support of members like you.

Uncategorized / August 14, 2020

Portland Public Schools Owes An Answer About Diana Kruger. Here’s How to Help Us Get One.

Portland Public Schools owes its students, parents, and teachers an explanation for why Diana Kruger belongs in district leadership, what she does there, and if/how she’s working on the district’s anti-racism curriculum.  Sign the petition to demand that Portland Public Schools release a public statement about why they’ve continued to employ Diana Kruger as a […]

Education / July 29, 2020

The Future of Portland Is On the Ballot. How Will We Ever Decide?

It’s officially election season in Oregon, and it’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that the future of our city is on the ballot this year.  With four of the five Portland City Council seats up for grabs, voters have a chance to either give Mayor Wheeler and his colleagues a vote of […]

Politics / May 11, 2020