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The Making of a Foster Family — What Local Foster Parents Told Us About Their Decision

One couple started fostering to give their friend a break. Another did it after they couldn’t get pregnant. Another saw it as their responsibility as Christians.  To help answer reader Vanessa Holmgren’s question about the incentives for becoming a foster parent in Oregon, we’ve been asking local foster families: What convinced you to take the […]

Real Talk / August 8, 2019

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We’re Asking Foster Parents: What Convinced You To Take the Leap?

“What are the incentives for interested Oregonians to take in a foster child?” —Vanessa Holmgren We’re digging into Vanessa’s question for our series on foster care, and if you are or have been a foster parent, we’d love to know: What convinced you to take the leap? You can share your story by completing this […]

Community / August 1, 2019

Welcome to Hazelwood

What Do You Want to Know About Portland’s Hazelwood Neighborhood?

Our latest neighborhood spotlight series is all about Hazelwood, and so far we’ve introduced you to an experimental brewery, a “hidden gem” Indian restaurant, and a rock-star dance instructor. So what’s next? Vote for the question below that you’d like us to dig into, and and keep an eye on the newsletter for updates on […]

Hazelwood / July 26, 2019

Meet A Member: Erica Rife

It’s time for another member spotlight, and this week we’re chatting with Erica Rife about her passion for design (and chocolate), the nonprofit she runs, and all her favorite local spots. What’s something you’re working on that you could use help with? Spreading the word about Design Museum Portland, the nonprofit I run! It’s my […]

Community / July 19, 2019

We Want To Make Sense of Oregon’s Foster Care System. What Are Your Questions?

(📸: Pixabay) Shelter care. Respite care. Department of Human Services. Embrace Oregon. From the outside, the foster care system in Oregon can seem like an impenetrable tangle of different agencies, organizations, and services — so we want this series to help make it feel a little more manageable. For the next few months, we’ll be […]

Community / June 26, 2019

What Are Your Questions About Portland’s Kenton Neighborhood?

(📸: Whitney Gomes) Our latest neighborhood spotlight series is all about Kenton, and so far we’ve introduced you to the tallest (mythical) man in Portland and learned what really goes down at a historic Masonic temple.  So what’s next? Send us your silly, serious, wonky, or curious questions about the Kenton neighborhood, and we’ll pick three […]

Kenton / June 24, 2019

Meet a Member: Julie Mancini

“Shameless plug: We just got a new mural done on our building on SE Grand Ave!” —Julie Next up in our member profile series is a Northwest Portlander and proud grandma: Julie Mancini! What local business do you think deserves a shoutout? Powell’s. Of course. What it provides is so incredibly valuable, and it’s become […]

People / June 1, 2019

‘Can Optimism In Democracy Be Exploited?’ And Other Qs for Danielle Allen

(📸: Oregon Humanities / YouTube) Oregon Humanities wrapped up its 2018-19 Think & Drink series last month by interviewing Danielle Allen, a political theorist at Harvard University and author of the memoir “Cuz.” You can watch the full conversation on YouTube. And as always, we took questions from the audience for a bonus Q&A after […]

Politics / June 1, 2019

Meet a Member: Daniel Bachhuber

(📸: Riley and Amy Peck) We’re continuing our series on the people who make what we do possible — our supporting members. Next up: Daniel Bachhuber, a proud suburban dad who lives in Tualatin, runs in Forest Park, and says Bridgeliner is “coolest thing to happen to the Portland media scene in forever.” We’ll take it! 😊 […]

People / June 1, 2019

Your Questions about PERS, Answered

(📸: Hector Chacon) We shared an update last week about the PERS debate down in Salem and asked you for your burning questions — and boy, did you have questions. To help get answers, we turned to North Star Civic Foundation executive director Caitlin Baggott Davis, who co-authored a recent report about the PERS crisis […]

Politics / May 24, 2019