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How to support Ukraine in Portland protests

How to support 🇺🇦 Ukrainian communities in Portland – and globally

In the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Wednesday night, we want to share some ways you can support Ukrainian communities locally, and globally.  💸 The Portland-based organization Mercy Corps, which focuses on helping people in crisis around the world, said on Thursday morning it was prepared to help 1.5 million displaced Ukranians. You […]

Get Involved / February 24, 2022

Jenny Marvin  photographer


Can You Answer This Question? What were the two biggest markets Portland merchants supplied people with during the California Gold Rush? Answer Wheat and lumber. During its first three decades, Portland depended on trade by water. Its first substantial growth came when the California Gold Rush created a huge market for Oregon wheat and lumber, […]

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Blair Borax singer songwriter Portland interview

Locals to Know: Portland musician 🎤 Blair Borax

Interesting scientific fact. The average person has, roughly, 100 trillion neural connections in their brain that send signals from one area to another so we can do everything we need to do. And these pathways can be rewired. What this means is that if you’ve been thinking negatively, you can actually “fake it until you […]

Blair Borax / February 24, 2022

Celebrate World Bartender Day with these 🍸 specialty cocktails

Today is World Bartender Day. It’s time to give thanks to the casual smile that’s always slinging drinks. To the person on the other side of the bar who throws and stirs and shakes their way into our hearts with their libations. To the ones who show us attentiveness. To the ones who we appreciate […]

Bars / February 23, 2022

Photographer Arturo Alvarez

How to do the right 🌸 spring and save Portland wildlife 🦊

Fun fact. The Earth 🌎 is closest to the sun in January ☀️ in January and farthest away in July. (So WTF? Why aren’t we wearing 🩱bathing suits on 🎄 Christmas in Portland?) As our lop-sided Earth orbits the Sun, the Sun’s rays hit different parts of the Earth more directly, which means the warmer temperatures come, […]

Audubon Society of Portland / February 22, 2022

Portland’s fun spots to sip at for🍹National Margarita Day

Today is National Margarita Day and we’ve rounded up 8 places in Portland where you can celebrate and sip, while enjoying some fun activities. Bowling, pinball, bingo, trainspotting, anyone? Read on! Putt-Putt The 10th Hole Margarita, at the Birdie Time Pub and Mini Golf, made with their house mix, Centarrio Tequila and Grand Mariner, is […]

Bars / February 21, 2022

 Kostiantyn Li photographer


This week we are allowing all our Bridgeliner readers to have a glance into the trivia fun our members normally get. There’s a lot of Portland/Oregon trivia out there, but we try to go in really deep to see if You Can Answer This Question! In 1961, the Washington Park and Zoo Railway became one of […]

Uncategorized / February 21, 2022

Eduard Delputte photographer


This week we are allowing all our Bridgeliner readers to have a glance into the trivia fun our members normally get. There’s a lot of Portland/Oregon trivia out there, but we try to go in really deep to see if You Can Answer This Question! What was Portland’s  Operation Green Light and how did it influence […]

Uncategorized / February 21, 2022

Afif Kusuma photographer


This week we are allowing all our Bridgeliner readers to have a glance into the trivia fun our members normally get. There’s a lot of Portland/Oregon trivia out there, but we try to go in really deep to see if You Can Answer This Question! Which one of these was not a Portland Beatnik coffeehouse? […]

Uncategorized / February 21, 2022

😎 It’s a kick-your-feet-up kind of Friday and a Portland 🥒 mystery has finally been solved

That Time When the World Panicked! For those who don’t know the story, the Portland Pickles Baseball mascot, Dillon T. Pickle, was coming back from being on tour, when Delta airlines lost him. Days later, they delivered him to the Portland Pickles office after hours in the dark, without any notification. Not long after the […]

pickle spotlight / February 17, 2022

Disco/dancy🕺vibes, Off The Griddle vegan 🧇 waffles, and being the center of 🤩 attention

“I think part of the cultural problem with disinformation in America is exactly because people with celebrity power feel that they have a responsibility to address social issues. In return, we get a lot of celebrities/artists saying stupid shit cause they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. So in part, the onus […]

Interviews / February 14, 2022

Pretend every Portland neighborhood is a 🥳 person at a party. Let’s have some 🎉 Reddit fun!

If each Portland neighborhood was a “person” and they were at a house party, what would each “person” be doing? That was the question Reddit user u/tkallgren23 asked in the Reddit channel, r/Portland. Now, if you’ve hesitated going on Reddit, because, well, why? – or you’ve kept putting it off for one reason or another – […]

Evergreen / February 11, 2022

Hook a friend up 🤜🤛 and share these 23 🙊 unspoken rules of Portland

It’s been a long week. We’ve had a mixed bag of weather. RIP to our beloved, exposing-himself-to art mayor, Bud Clark. This stupid pandemic keeps rolling through town. Whoops…someone else’s car was just stolen as you read this! We think it’s time for a little Friday fun. We asked you to give us what you […]

New to Portland / February 2, 2022

Vintage shop portland thrift store antique retro portland stores photographer Indira Tjokorda

Retro 🛍️ shoppers looking for that rare 💍 pearl? 7 ways to 👉 get your vintage on

Lovers of retro trends looking for that rare pearl? We have a  selection of unmissable vintage addresses in south and east Portland—and a few miles further down—for those who just want to make a day of it. Vintage shops are the highlights of many neighborhoods – and sometimes a neighborhood’s best kept secret. Our flea […]

Shops / February 1, 2022

🤣😂🤣 You had us at photo booth and 🥁 drumline buddies

Crowd work is the off-the-cuff act of talking directly with audience members instead of using scripted and rehearsed bits. It’s not about having a set monologue that you repeat nightly in the hopes of always having the same type of audience be receptive to it. It’s a type of improv, where the audience delivers information […]

Arts & Culture / January 31, 2022

Portland racism in Oregon photographer Alex Motoc BIOPIC videos

Five Facts ✋ about the Black Exclusion and Lash Laws 😠, plus historic and viral 🎥 videos you need to watch

When most people think of American cities that are progressive about equality and civil rights, one of the first cities that comes to mind is Portland. But has Portland acknowledged its racist history? Do a search on YouTube for “Racism in Portland Oregon” and “Racism in Oregon” and there is proof that ignorance prevails. We’ve […]

Get Involved / January 31, 2022

portland rapper Aminé Shimmy official video with lyrics

What do Young Thug 🎤 and Spiderman 🦸 have to do with Portland?

Portland rapper Aminé (Adam Amine Daniel) was born and raised in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Northeast Portland. He graduated from Benson Polytechnic High School, attended Portland State University, before he dropped out to make the music that has earned him the BET Hip Hop Awards – Best New Hip Hop Artist (2017), the Grammy Awards – […]

Uncategorized / January 31, 2022

Portland’s Lost Alaskans 😢, the white plague 🤒 and a state sponsored rock festival that included some 😜 naughty stuff! Check out these videos

We’re living through a pandemic, we’ve seen the wildfires, and we are known for our protests. But before all of this, there were other, fascinating, scary, conflicting, sad stories that happened here. Luckily for us, they’ve been documented on videos. 9 Videos Documenting Important Times in Our History The only state-sponsored rock festival. Nudity. Check. […]

Uncategorized / January 26, 2022

Erin Adkisson Portland musician the druthers singer sounds like tori amos sheryl crow

Taking on 💪 patriarchy, a rare disease, social responsibility (with a side order of Popeye’s Chicken) to become one of Portland’s most up and coming 🎵 musicians to know – an interview with Erin Adkisson

She’s been compared to Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos, but comparisons fall short when describing Erin Adkisson’s voice. Yes, vocals are instruments unto themselves. And, yes, hers are genuine and gripping, sensual and powerful… but Adkisson has the extraordinary ability of turning hers into a completely unique instrument, with beats and rhythms that […]

Interviews / January 26, 2022

A Fun Guide 🥳 to Making New Friends in Portland. Let’s Go! 💪

Whether you’re new to town, or you’ve been pandemic-bound, Portland is still thriving. It continues to have everything anyone could ever want (minus a few extra sunny days or a good game of horseball). But where to start? We have ten, very welcoming groups (in small and large numbers) that will offer you a good […]

Relationships / January 25, 2022