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28 reasons that prove Portland is still weird photographer Darren Halstead 

28 Reasons that prove Portland is still the 🦄 weirdest city in America

Is Portland really still weird? Yep. And we have the proof. One of Portland’s claims to fame is that it’s weird. You’ll find weird Portland things to do and see in every Portland guidebook. You’ll certainly find more weirdness if you’re a local. Sure, there are some people grumbling about how it really isn’t weird […]

Spotlight / January 20, 2022

The Druthers

Is this the most powerful singer 🎤 in Portland? Here’s why we think so.

Portland’s Own The Druthers  Comparing one band or musician to another is wrong for myriad reasons. However, being human, it sometimes helps to reference other musicians to give a clue about the sound of a voice, the beat of the drums, the strum of a guitar, etc. So hopefully lead singer of The Druthers, Erin […]

Arts & Culture / January 18, 2022

Slow corpse in my head oregon band ashland band lyrics

An Oregon indie band in my head

Through the historic Oregon fires, sweltering temperatures and the pandemic – in an area known for its folk rock and bluegrass – the Ashland band, Slow Corpse, has managed to produce indie music that can and should be front and center on anyone’s playlist if a unique blend of indie mixed with a little R&B […]

Music / January 18, 2022

glamping in portland staycation in portland Amy Shamblen photographer

3 Sweet, Unique Staycations in Portland

We’re thick in the middle of the holidays and sometimes we just want to get away from the fam. Why not offer up your house while you go glamping! Or better, rent a houseboat or a tree house right in town. Or send your family to these glorious little waterfront and forest Airbnb’s and chances […]

Recreation / December 21, 2021

Portland weird christmas lights holiday lights dee-lights Craig Giffen genius

Weird Portland – Holiday Lights

Craig Giffen, the creator of Problematic.TV, The Human Clock. The Human Calendar, the Pacific Crest Trail planner, Portland Free Crap and on and on (does he ever stop? We hope not!), brings back deee-lights. We’ve sat down to ask Giffen 8 very important questions about deee-lights, including, what they are. Bridgeliner: For those Portlanders who don’t know about […]

Locals to Know / December 21, 2021


Portland Artist Eric Wert – a scientific illustrator and still life painter

Eric Wert lives and works in Portland, Oregon. His background as a scientific illustrator is apparent in his incredible attention to detail. But the difference between sheer illustration and fine art is inspiration. Merely to depict something in great detail certainly takes skill but to transcend technical virtuosity one needs to have something to say […]

Arts & Culture / December 16, 2021

John Willis

20 Questions with Painter J Wesley Willis

J Wesley Willis, a.k.a., John, is a talented oil painter from Portland, Oregon. But wait. The word talented falls way short of the complete eye explosion of beauty you encounter when you look at one of his paintings. The man brings to canvas what Wordsworth brought to the page. But Willis doesn’t believe that creating […]

Arts & Culture / December 14, 2021

Portland weird christmas lights holiday lights dee-lights Craig Giffen genius

Portland is weird and weirder because of this man

Craig Giffen is not your average weirdly cool human being. He is the probably the most diverse, creative, weirdly cool human being Portland has the honor to call their own. Yet, in all probability (and we don’t think it’s problematic… wink wink), Giffen is someone you don’t know by name, but the minute you hear […]

Locals to Know / December 13, 2021

Marisa Anderson Portland musician William Tyler play Lost Futures

Portland musician (and Internationally renowned) Marisa Anderson’s and alt-country William Tyler’s song: Lost Futures

Internationally renowned musician Marisa Anderson lives in Portland. That’s the easy part to write. But try to put her music into a genre and you’ll be fresh out of luck; unless there’s a genre called “Exquisitely Beautiful.” She’s classically trained; the combination of that with her natural talent on the strings is genius.  She’s been […]

Music / December 12, 2021

Elvis' White Christmas was banned in Portland

Merry Christmas from Elvis the “Not Here in Portland!” Pelvis!

Why did Portland, Oregon ban the playing of Elvis Presley’s version of White Christmas? In what Time magazine would call a crime against Christmas, Elvis Presley released Elvis’ Christmas Album on October 15, 1957. It went to the top ten overnight. It remains the world’s best-selling Christmas album and one of the best-selling albums of […]

Arts & Culture / December 10, 2021

Walrus Toys Panda + Giraffe Portland Holiday Gift Guide

Ten Cool Holiday Gifts – from Portland Shops

Still not sure what to get someone for the Holidays? We have Portland shops on our mind. Here are 10 new ideas for perfect Holiday gift giving. And you can give without feeling guilty because you’ll be supporting your local Portland shops. Let’s go!                    

Gift Guides / December 9, 2021

Brian Padian

Watch the film and read an interview with Portland filmmaker Brian Padian

Merriam-Webster defines film noir as: a type of crime film featuring cynical malevolent characters in a sleazy setting and an ominous atmosphere that is conveyed by shadowy photography and forbidding background music. We say, “Just watch Brian Padian’s, ‘The Big Black Dark.’” Shadows in the dark, train sounds in the distance, a man who wakes […]

Arts & Culture / December 8, 2021

Judy Wise

A Baker’s Dozen of Q&As with Portland Artist Judy Wise

Mark making is a term used for the creation of different patterns, lines, textures, and shapes using, well, whatever you can get your hands on. Charcoal, ink, scratching things out with something sharp. What you do with these patterns, lines, textures and shapes determines if you have a still life of an apple or chaos. […]

Arts & Culture / December 8, 2021

Strange and the Familiars

10 Questions + 1 with Stephanie Strange of Strange and the Familiars

Supporting local artists and small businesses is the absolute best thing you could do with your dollars if you love Portland. Buy the tickets, go to the mom and pop spot, give a dollar or three a month to your favorite artist on Patreon, donate to the radio station and local paper. Put your money […]

Arts & Culture / December 7, 2021

Portland Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Portland Local Stores Annie Spratt photographer

8 Cooking (and Mixology) Classes in Portland to gift for the Holidays

Annie Spratt photographer The holidays conjure up visions of cooking in the kitchen and eating at the big table while singing about sugar plums dancing in our heads (even though most of us don’t even know what sugar plums are!). Hanging out in the kitchen, catching up with the fam, shooting the breeze with the […]

Food / December 6, 2021

Portland Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Photographer Ekaterina Shevchenko

Bridgeliner’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Part 4 – Bling Bling Portland-Style

Bling Bling from Portland stores. Pearls for men? We say YES! Fine Fidget Jewelry? Uh-Huh! One-of-a-kind made-in-Portland Bling? You bet! Portland shops don’t let down when it comes to jewelry. One of our favorite places is Betsy & Iya, because they make fine jewelry in the city, using recycled 14k gold and ethically sourced stones. […]

Gift Guides / December 6, 2021

Bridgeliner’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Part 3 – Portland Fashion

Portland fashion to gift (or get 😉) Portland has some amazing clothing shops, and we couldn’t fit them all in here, but we did visit shops all over town and picked out some gifts we think some of you might really like to give – or get. Remember, all Portland-owned stores, only, so please get […]

Gift Guides / December 1, 2021

An Interview with Portland Musician Rose Gerber

We recently spotlighted Rose Gerber’s song: The Fall. We let Rose know, and she kindly agreed to an interview, which we’ll just dive right into here. But, before we do, some info on her new shows coming up. See Rose Gerber and the Yellow Birds: • Starday Tavern on Saturday 12/4 at 7 pm. • […]

Music / November 30, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 for pets photographer Andrew S

Bridgeliner’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Part 2 – Cats and Dogs!

Toys for the Dogs and Cats – from ages 0 – 99 (in dog /cat years)! Our animals have put up with us for the past two years, going bonkers waiting for us to get off our computers or out of our beds so we can play with them. So we want to celebrate with […]

Gift Guides / November 30, 2021

Paul Gilbert musican lives in Portland plays Pie and more

Paul Gilbert lives in Portland and the world loves him.

What can we say about Paul Gilbert, other than he’ll go down in history as one of the greatest musicians of all time…and he lives in our own backyard.  Radio Metal said about him: “When we talk about the legends of the guitar, it is impossible to omit Paul Gilbert. The guitar-hero has mainly distinguished […]

Music / November 30, 2021