Sunnyside: Bright lights, little slice of the city

Every Christmas, you can find one street in Portland that shines brighter than all the rest. For nearly 90 years, the residents of Sunnyside’s Peacock Lane have decked out their homes with festive decorations and handed out hot chocolate to visitors. Outside of the holiday season, Sunnyside offers historic Victorian architecture, independent coffee shops, small businesses, and a thriving neighborhood full of character.  

It’s that sense of community that Business for a Better Portland hopes to help inspire and maintain.

BBPDX is a member-based, community-building organization that is working to establish a better and more equitable Portland. It does so by bringing together the business community (often previously unengaged business owners representing the new economy and growth sectors), non-profit organizations, government leaders and other passionate people in the Rose City. It helps members learn more about important local issues like equitable access to capital, safe and efficient transportation, and affordable housing and also organizes lead short-term workgroups for members who want to dig deeper into these community issues.  

Of course, Sunnyside would be nothing without the passionate people who live and work in the neighborhood. BBPDX recognizes that, which is why they have partnered with us to help tell the colorful and sometimes secretive stories of Sunnyside.  

Big thanks to BBPDX for supporting this work and making it possible for us to explore our neighborhoods with the depth, context, and authenticity they deserve.

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