Finding Love at Oaks Park

So where to find love in Portland? Start with a perfect date!

Oaks Amusement Park in Sellwood has hosted everything from roller derby events to competitive beer miles to holiday festivals.

Along the way, the 114-year-old park has helped more than a few Portlanders find love.

Why? Their new showstopper is the over-the-top thrill ride (two rides in one):  AtmosFEAR! A must-ride for those who want to scream and grab onto their loved ones!

We love the spectacular views of the Willamette River and Portland’s West Hills on the Chipper’s Woods Miniature Golf course.  It’s the perfect kitsch place to chip, putt and hold hands!

And strap on some roller skates for more hand-holding opportunities. We’ve tracked down three local couples who ended up getting married after meeting at “The Oaks” roller rink.

Check out our video to hear their meet-cute stories.