45 Portland💡Inventions and Patents Everyone Should Know – 😺 How Curious!

Squeegees! Zipper pulls! Interactive vibrators!

The latter part of last century, before digital patents like the one for Generation node-B (GNB), (UE) and (MIMO) arrangements began to crowd out the entries for bottle cap removers, field cookers and vibrators (!), and when pagers and personal computers were still a hot commodity, Portland inventors applied for hundreds of patents. Here is a list 45 of those that we thought you’d be interested to see. 

  1. Decorative nail spacing tool
  2. Apparatus for dispensing and holding tissue rolls
  3. Dental floss holder
  4. Folding tray portable cooking unit
  5. Clean room including an internal partition system
  6. Device for retaining a compound bow in a partially drawn condition
  7. Water bed bar
  8. Bottle cap remover
  9. Tailgate construction
  10. Combination rowing machine and chest exerciser
  11. Apertured orthopedic head pillow
  12. Voice mail system on magnetic tape
  13. Finger-stabilized eating plate
  14. Foldable tool
  15. Adjustable telephone handset support
  16. Infant car seat liner
  17. Adjustable tension ankle support
  18. Folding carrier for ski boots
  19. Field cooker
  20. Swimming motion exercise machine
  21. Orthopedic head pillow
  22. Watch pager and wrist antenna
  23. Zipper pull
  24. Squeegee
  25. Motorized portable system and method for aiding persons in ascending or descending stairways
  26. Vehicular mounting system for directional antennas
  27. Wheelchair drive system
  28. Chair having adjustable back support
  29. Handgun sighting device
  30. Watch pager with icons
  31. Bank balance notification by wristwatch pager
  32. Rake system including rake-like arm extensions
  33. Body-conformable apparatus
  34. Method and apparatus for masquerading online
  35. Liquid carrying apparatus for bicycle
  36. Combined stopwatch and pager
  37. Traction device for a shoe
  38. Automatic and secure system for remote access to electronic mail and the internet
  39. Portable computer
  40. Hood with elongated neck
  41. Two-handed controller for video games and simulationsApparatus for dispensing string material
  42. Miniature isometric joystick
  43. Multifunction head apparel
  44. Foot-operated multi-directional sensing device
  45. Interactive vibrator for multimedia

Are you a Portland inventor? If so, we’d love to hear from you.