28 Reasons that prove Portland is still the 🦄 weirdest city in America

Is Portland really still weird? Yep. And we have the proof.

One of Portland’s claims to fame is that it’s weird.
You’ll find weird Portland things to do and see in every Portland guidebook.
You’ll certainly find more weirdness if you’re a local.

Sure, there are some people grumbling about how it really isn’t weird anymore. But we beg to differ.

So for those who have been asking the questions, “Is Portland Still Weird” or “What Makes Portland Weird” or “Has Portland Lost Its Weirdness,” we’ve got answers.

We’ve put together a compendium of Portland weirdness just to prove our point (with help from Weird Portland United, of course). Some of Portland’s weirdness has fallen by the wayside (click on through to read the histories of those), but for the most part, our list is chock full of the weirdness that continues to make Portland weird today.

And just to think, there’s still more weirdness to cover: the Ice Dicks (we didn’t say that!), the “Hung Far Low” Sign, the Egg Beater Bike Rack, the Senior Bikini Car Wash and and and…

But until then, have a look.

A Compendium of Portland Weirdness

  1. 🎩 the Portland Hat Museum
  2. 🚴 Our Very Naked Bike Ride
  3. 🎤 Moshow the Cat Rapper
  4. The 💡Lightbulb Store
  5. Weird Portland Remote Control 🎄Holiday Lights
  6. ⏰The Human Clock and 📺Problematic TV
  7. The Old 🗝️Portland Underground
  8. 👽 A peculiar Peculiarium
  9. The Grotto Sanctuary🕯️
  10. Portland’s Elk 🦌 Statue
  11. A Retired Boeing 747 ✈️House
  12. 🐦 Chapman’s Swooping Swifts
  13. 🕳️ The Woodstock Mystery Hole
  14. The Portlandia Mermaid 🧜‍♀️Parade
  15. 🍩 The Simpsons and Stumptown
  16. A Weird Portland Meme 🤦
  17. 😜 Portland’s Party Animal Puppets
  18. 😆 A Weird, Long Short Story 
  19. Our Very Own 👽Sleestak
  20. 🦄The Unicorn Queen
  21. The White-Suited Gentleman with a Trumpet 🎺 , Mickey Mouse Hat, A Rainbow Ball, and a Shopping cart Filled with Stuffed Animals 
  22. The City of Roses “Be Weird” 🤗 Art Project
  23. Portland’s 🌳”Tree” Artist 
  24. The Ringmaster of the Sidewalk 🤹Circus
  25. Dillon our Big Dill🥒
  26. 🌈 The Strawberry Pickle
  27. Carlos the 🛼 Rollerblader
  28. ✂️ One of Portland’s Weirdest Designers

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By Bridgeliner Creative Studio
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